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DAMN!! So much beer this year.

DAMN!! It has been quite sometime since my last post but i have been feeling a bit of an itch to write one. So with that in mind let begin with how many breweries have erupted onto the craft beer scene here in Alberta, Canada. I mean in Calgary alone new breweries seem to be popping up every couple of months with no end in sight. I have been finding it difficult to keep up with the growth the brewery scene. Besides Calgary, province wide there has been substantial growth and it seems like every little town has one brewery or one is in the works. For those of you readers who do not live in Alberta, Canada you will not know this but there is a company who comes out with a craft beer brewery guide every quarter called the "Alberta Craft Beer Guide". I love this book because if I decide to go on a road trip I can plan accordingly and potentially stop at a brewery if I find the time.  The best thing I have come to discover is that even though there are so many differen
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Summer time! Part 1

Wow what a summer it was! 2018 was a good year for craft beer in Alberta! All the specialty one off  beers that were coming out to what seemed like almost weekly were incredible. I mean i tried a triple IPA and if you have read previous posts I never drink IPAs yet alone triples. If you want to see all the beers from my summer go and request to be in my Facebook group "Craft beer 101" and you will be able to see all the beers I got the chance  to indulge in! I have posted so many beers this summer that now I have become "The beer guy" at work. I mean, I have even created a Instagram profile called Craftbeerfan101 and i post beers on their as well, not as frequent as Facebook though. But this post is going to be more about the start of my summer and some of the fun things I got to do and to get my hands on to drink. Enjoy! 2 Brewery Tastings!! Fathers Day was a good day this year! My dad brought me to two different and brand new breweries in Sylvan Lake, AB. The